20160524 M83 Live in Seoul, South Korea

Another amazing concert was held in South Korea. It was the first time to visit in South Korea. And the concert was so amazing.

Blur 21:The Exhibition, Londonewcastle Project Space, London

During London Olympic period, Blur celebrated their 21st anniversary with many stuffs. They issued the box set, and they toured in small cities and Hyde park. And they had a small exhibition in London.

20120925 Bundesliga Bayern Munich vs VfL Wolfsburg in Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

Too much beers, the world's one of the bigest festivals, and Bayern Munich is still strong. The Munich fans don't care about the festival's hot atmosphere. What was the match's result?

20160108 Hyundai Card 5 nights day 1 - Zedd, Ax Hall,Seoul,Korea

2016's starting show is Zedd. Because of Korea people's hot reaction, maybe he will never forget the atmosphere in Korea. What about this year's stage? Is it still hot?

20161115 2018 FIFA Russia world cup asian qualifying Korea VS Uzbekistan,Seoul WorldCup Stadium,South Korea

If Korea team lose this match, maybe we can't see Korea National Football Team in Russia Worldcup. What was the result? Do Korea beat Uzbekistan easily?

2017년 12월 25일 월요일

2017 November

On November


요즘 음악을 통 안듣는다
I rarely listen the music

2017년 11월 27일 월요일

2017 October



When I didn't go outside, I used to listen calm music, like Jazz.
밖에 안나갈때는 거의 조용한 음악을 듣는듯...재즈처럼...

2017년 10월 15일 일요일

20171007 Slow Life Slow Live - Hans Zimmer,Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea 슬로우 라이프 슬로우 라이브 한스짐머

Maybe it was April or May...
In Coachella line up, there were some new artist.
Hans Zimmer is in the line up and I was so surprised.
When I imagine festival line up, there are full of rock band, Electronic artist or pop star.

I saw Hans Zimmer stage on the real-time online.
It was so impressive and great.
They didn't upload the video. I don't know why. I was sad.

The most impressive stage in Coachella for me is Hans Zimmer and the Shelter tour. Kaytranada stage was pretty good.

올해 4월이었나 5월이었나...
코첼라 라인업에 뭔가 새로운 아티스트 한 분이 있었다
한스짐머 라는 이름이 있는거 보고 내 눈을 의심했다
페스티벌 하면 락밴드나 일렉트로닉 또는 팝 가수들이 주로 있어서...

실시간으로 중계 해 줄때 한스짐머의 무대를 틀었는데
정말 너무 인상깊었고 끝내줬었다
왜인지는 모르겠지만 그 이후에 다시보기가 안올라와서 너무 아쉬웠다 ㅠㅠ

코첼라에서 제일 기억에 남았던 무대가
한스짐머랑 마데온&포터로빈슨 Shelter 마지막 무대였다...아 케이트라나다도 괜찮았음

I don't like this actor because of his private life.
Why does he read Heath ledger story? I couldn't concentrate on the story.
개인적으로 이 배우의 사생활때문에 별로 안좋아하는데
하필 히스레저 이야기를 이 분이 읽어서 전혀 집중이 안됐음;;;

I never thought I can see Hans Zimmer stage directly.

When I see the notice about Hans Zimmer concert in Korea, I was so surprised.
I thought I couldn't see him even if I go to Europe.

It is almost similar to Coachella stage.

The Cello artist, whe was really impressive in Coachella, she came too.
The Guitar player, I didn't know he is the son of Johnny Marr.

한스짐머의 무대를 직접 볼 수 있을 줄은 상상도 못했다...

내한 소식이 떠서 정말 너무 놀랬다
유럽 가서도 볼 수 있을까 말까 할 줄 알았는데...

코첼라에서 본 거와 거의 다르지 않았다...ㅠㅠ

실시간 중계 내내 시강 쩔었던 첼로 언니도 왔고
기타 치던 분...그 분이 쟈니 마 아들인줄은 몰랐다;;;

야외에서 이런식으로 한 이유도 코첼라때를 재연하려는 의도였을까 ㅎㅎㅎ

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